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African Wash Net (Sponge)

African Wash Net (Sponge)

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Wash Net?  Yes!  A Wash Net also known as a Sponge.  If any good has come from my time on social media, learning about the wash net was definitely it!  It absolutely looks just like a net but the lather and buttery soft skin that results from using this net is unreal!  It pairs beautifully with African Black Soap and any other soap.  

Depending on your level of sensitivity is which you should select.  Both textures are very functional.   The soft is just that and is going to provide a very light exfoliation.  The medium is more coarse, not overly hard, and gives a real good exfoliation.

The net should be washed in mild detergent or with African Black Soap prior to use.  The net is safe enough to use on your face as well as your entire body.  

The net is extremely long.  While it can be cut into smaller pieces, I would advise leaving it long for the ease of washing your back and other hard to reach areas.

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