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Cucumber Aloe Toner

Cucumber Aloe Toner

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Skin a little dry after cleansing?!

Even if it isn't, a toner is a great addition to a skin regimen.  Why is that?  It helps to restore the ph balance of your skin, removes any soap residue and helps to hydrate the skin.  

Cucumber Aloe Toner is filled with skin loving extracts.  It is suitable for all skin types but especially good for acne prone skin.  After cleansing with African Black Soap, Toner should be applied to skin using a cotton pad.  Allow Toner to dry before applying Face Oil.  

Cucumber Aloe Toner is tan in color but don't be alarmed.  It should be that way due to the extracts used.  Toner can be used twice per day.  

Directions: After cleansing with Black Soap, apply Cucumber Aloe Toner to cotton pad.  Wipe entire face including the neck. Allow to dry.  Immediately apply moisturizer once toner is dry.


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