About us

What is Naturel Lyfe?

To live a Naturel Lyfe is not just a choice.  It is a conscious decision and a conscious effort to step out of what is considered normal.  It is using our internal instincts, our third eye, which tells us that a Naturel Lyfe benefits us from the inside out. 
Naturel Lyfe was born and created from a desire to educate people about the harmful effects of skin and hair care products and to offer the products at affordable prices.
The use of naturel products, protects us internally and externally from chemically derived products. It is not a lifestyle, it is Lyfe.
The Karite Tree grows wild in the African Savannahs. It takes approximately 30 years for the Karite Tree to reach full fruit production.  This fruit is what is used to make Shea Butter. There have been a limited amount of successful attempts to cultivate the Karite Tree. This is no surprise as this tree is truly a gift to us from nature. For this reason, the Karite tree was chosen to reflect the Naturel Lyfe Essentials logo. Not just because it is the source of Shea Butter, but it is also symbolic because it represents the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life simply shows how all aspects of life are interconnected and intertwined. 
Why the “e” in Naturel?
Why not an “e” in Naturel? Au naturel is a French term meaning naked, nude or in a natural state. Naturel Lyfe Essentials is life. It is about going back to the beginning. Going back to how life was started….naturally. Going back to how we first came into this life…naked. Getting back to that au naturel way of living…the way of life…a Naturel Lyfe.
Naturel Lyfe is my Life...
Growing up, I didn't use natural skin or hair products.  I used one staple product that started out natural but was chemically altered.  Out of nowhere, my faithful product stopped working.  I began using Shea Butter and the difference was obvious.  Soon after, I realized how beneficial and essential this natural product was to my life.  Being able to provide this service is not just a hobby or business for me, it is a passion. And for that, I am truly grateful for your support of Naturel Lyfe Essentials thus far!  It is for our lives that I build this business, this passion, this...Naturel Lyfe!