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Earn Rewards

Do you want to know how to earn rewards points for discounts off your favorite Jilyn Skincare products? 

1. Create An Account

It takes less than five minutes to create an account and enter your information.

2. Complete Your Profile

Your profile has to be completed in order to earn these points.

3. Your Birthday

If you have created an account and completely filled out your profile, then you will earn rewards points every year on your birthday!

4. Make A Purchase

As long as you have an account with us, 5 points are earned for every dollar that you spend. (This does not include discounted orders)

5. Liking Us On Facebook

EASY!  Use the link inside of your rewards account.

6. Follow Us On Instagram

Also super EASY! Use the link inside of your rewards account.

7. Sharing On Facebook

Sharing us on your Facebook page is another way to earn points. 

8. Referring Your Friends

Let all your friends know how much you love your Jilyn products and you will earn points from their purchase! All they have to do is use your link that can be found in your rewards account. 

9. Leaving Product Reviews

Why not tell the world what you love about your favorite Jilyn product?! You can leave a max of 5 per month to earn points.


 500 points = 10% Off   

1500 points = 15% off   

2000 points = 20% off

7500 points = Free shipping $20+


These are all easy and simple ways to stack up your rewards points. So make a point to do all nine steps today.

Check your point balance by clicking Check Rewards at the bottom right of the homepage.