Darkmarks Set

Darkmarks Set

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How do I get rid of darkmarks?

It's probably in the top 3 of questions I receive on a regular basis.

The key to fading them?  A great product combination and feeding your skin with nourishing food.

Doing both will speed up the process of fading those marks away.

So, what is included in this set?

2.5oz African Black Soap Scrub, 2oz Liquid/4oz Bar African Black Soap, 2oz Glowup Mask, 2oz CocoaShea Butter

How do you use the set?

The scrub should be used two to three times per week.  It does not matter if you use it in the morning or at night.  When using the scrub, there is no need to use soap prior to or after since it contains soap.

The Glowup Mask is used once per week.

The African Black Soap is used daily, twice per day.

The CocoaShea Butter is used at least twice per day.  Apply a small amount directly to each spot and rub in well.  The butter can be used on the entire face, you just want to ensure that you give special attention to those marks that need to get gone!



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