Liquid African Black Soap

Liquid African Black Soap

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Traditional soap, in a liquid, for the entire family.


Who knew that only four ingredients could pack such a punch?!  Traditional African Black Soap in a liquid form is safe for the entire family.  It can be used as a face wash, a body wash and a shampoo.  Only a few drops of Liquid African Black Soap are needed to create a big foaming lather to deeply cleanse your skin.  Liquid African Black Soap works for all skin types and conditions!  If you have any open cuts, please beware!  It will probably sting a little but don’t worry, that goes away in a few days.  Follow up the use of your Liquid African Black Soap with Cucumber Aloe Toner and a moisturizer such as Face Oil, Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter. 

Need a larger size?  Grab the 64oz here.


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