Whipped Cocoa Butter

Whipped Cocoa Butter

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"I used the cocoa butter on my face for the first time and OMG....heavenly. It smells good and makes my skin super supple"

  • Helps fade scars and dark spots
  • Helps keep skin soft and moisturized
  • Great for dry skin and eczema 

Whipped Cocoa Butter does NOT contain Coconut Oil. 

Cocoa Butter is an emollient and is known as one of the best moisturizers.  It absorbs into the skin quickly which makes it ideal for dry skin, eczema, scars, and especially stretch marks. 

Cocoa Butter contains natural antioxidants and is naturally rich in Vitamin E.  Vitamin E helps to hydrate the skin which helps to counteract and fight the signs of aging and wrinkles. 

Raw Cocoa Butter smells like chocolate so the scent is naturally pleasing to most. 

Ingredients:  Raw Cocoa Butter and Safflower Oil


NOTE:  Whipped Cocoa Butter is highly sensitive to heat. It will not be sold during the warmer months.